Welcome to the Flat Rock Building Department


In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the City of Flat Rock Building Department is transitioning to a new processes and procedures to continue to serve the public and industry in a manner that implements social distancing. We will be checking on all critical assets and conducting repairs to facilities in house during this un stable time.
Our objective is to not disrupt the services and support that you receive from the City of Flat Rock Building and Safety Department. As such, we ask for your understanding during this state of emergency and provide your -questions and requests to us by email at: buildingsafety@FLATROCKMI.ORG or 1-734-782-0445, and we will respond as quickly as possible. If you would like a return phone call, please provide the best time and number for a team member to connect with you.

As of March 25, 2020 the City of Flat Rock Building Department will only be conducting life safety inspections as instructed by the Building Director. All permits and applications are online and starting May 1, 2020 we plan to do field inspections. If that date is moved by the Governor we will address it at that time. The Building Department will have staff in the office to answer all your questions and needs. Thank you and Please Stay Safe.


Electrical Inspector Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday  

10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Mechanical Inspector Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday  

10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Plumbing Inspector Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday

11:00 AM 3:00 PM


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 Building Director
Andrew Miller


Building Inspection:




Office Hours:

8:00 AM-4:30 PM


Phone:  (734) 782-0445
Fax:       (734) 783-0304

Residential Construction


Construction can be done only to preserve, save or protect facilities and homes. Such as needing a roof, Tyvek, open holes and securing the building from water infiltration, doors or windows to make the site or facility safe from vandalism. Please understand construction under the Executive Order must be "essential". If you need clarification please feel free to call our office.

The United States Department of Homeland Security and CyperSercurity and Infastructure Security Agency has a statement out concerning Identification of Essiencial Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response. Click on the link to view this statement.

Summer Project Permits


With summer just around the corner it is a great time for building projects. Whether you want to build a new shed for all your lawn care equipment or to install a nice cool pool for the kids in the back yard, we can help by making sure it is a safe stucture per our cities ordinances and codes.

The Checklists below are what we look for when summer projects are in the process of being built.

Before any projects are started a Building/Zoning Permit is required. Once the application has been recieved, our inspectors will conduct a plan review. Once the plan review tasks are completed and the permit is paid in full, we will issue your building permit to start building your project. One CANNOT start a project without requiring a permit. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the office.

Property Maintenance


  • All lawns must be properly and consistently maintained.  Grass and weeds should be kept under 6".
  • All property owners or occupants must maintain their property, including keeping the grounds free of litter, debris, weeds and junk.
  • Certain items can not be stored outside, such as interior furniture, inoperable vehicles, garbage not in approved containers and construction debris.
  • Firewood must be stored 12 inches off the ground.
  • Homeowners could face penalties for violating city ordinances regarding property maintenance.

Need to report a problem?  Please call (734) 782-0445 or email our Ordinance Officer, at buildingsafety@flatrockmi.org.

2015 Michigan Building Code


- 2015 Michigan Uniform Energy Code (effective September 20, 2017)
- 2015 Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings (effective September 13, 2016)
- NEC 2017 Michigan Electrical Code with Part 8 Amendments (effective January 4,2019)
- 2015 International Fuel Gas Code (effective April 20, 2015)
- 2015 Michigan Mechanical Code (effective April 12, 2017)
- 2015 Michigan Plumbing Code (effective April 20, 2017)
- 2015 Michigan Residential Code (effective February 18, 2016)
- 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (effective July 3, 2019)
- 2015 National Fire Code (as referenced inside the Michigan Building Code)


Dept. Contacts

  • Building Director
    Andrew Miller
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2163
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Building & Safety Clerk
    Jennifer Liedel
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2109
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer
    Tom Chorkey
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2339
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Building Inspector / Plan Reviewer
    Mike Dalton
    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2119
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Ordinance Officer

    Phone: (734) 782-0445
    Extension: 2119
    Fax: (734) 783-0304
  • Mechanical Inspector
    Rob Secco
  • Electrical Inspector
    Robert Lenz
  • Plumbing Inspector
    Bernie Zarb