Forms & Publications

Please use the information below to learn how to obtain and/or download various forms from the Police Department.

Police Reports

To obtain a police report, simply fill out a Freedom of Information Act form.  This request should take no longer than 5 days to process and can be done 24/7 at the Police Station.

Accident Reports

Accident Reports may be purchased online at

Pay Tickets

Tickets may be paid for online at Select MI from the map on the home page and scroll down to select Flat Rock Police Department from the list. You will then be given the choice to Pay Tickets.

Pistol Permits

Pistol Permits are processed by the Detective Bureau. You must be a city resident to apply. Applications and 15 question tests are available 24/7 in the Police Department lobby. The application will be processed promptly during normal business hours of the Detective Bureau.

Vacation Forms

As a service to our residents, we provide vacation checks to their homes when they are away.  If you want the police to check your home when you are on vacation, simply come in and complete a vacation check form.  This allows officers to conduct perimeter checks and make notifications in case of an emergency. This form is also used to let us know who will have the authority to be in your home or on your property.


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