Certificate of Occupancy for Resale

As of July 6th, 2020 Flat Rock City Council approved Resale Inspections to be performed on all Residential homes.

Initial Process
Please fill out our Residential Resale Inspection Application to submit for a Certificate of Occupancy. Once the application is completely filled out, residents can either email the application to buildingsafety@flatrockmi.org or come into the office for processing. If residents choose to process the request online, our building clerk will email back the invoice to pay the inspection fee. The resale inspection fee of $200.00 needs to be paid in full before the inspection is performed. Please call the office at 734-782-0445 or email our building clerk to schedule a date and time frame for the inspection.

After the Initial Inspection
Homeowners can fix the violations on the inspection list then call the office back to set up a re-inspection. A follow up inspection is included for the selling homeowners. Once all violations are corrected and pass inspection a C of O will be issued.

If the violations are to be assumed by the new homeowner, they need to fill out an Application for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and an Affidavit to Assume Repairs to be signed by both the seller and buyer before closing. The Building and Safety department may require a bond to be posted for the repairs. If a bond is required a $25 processing fee will be added to the re-inspection fee of $85 for the Temporary Certificate. New owners have up to three (3) months to complete repairs. If an extension is needed, please call the office for the request.

All life safety issues must be corrected before occupancy. These will be indicated with LS on the inspection report.

Please review our checklist to see what our inspectors are looking for when they inspect your home.

If you have any questions, please call the Building Office at 734-782-0445 or email krayl@flatrockmi.org with filled out applications and/or concerns.