Vacant and Abandoned Structures

Registering Abandoned and Foreclosed Structures
Flat Rock City Council has passed an ordinance requiring all mortgage/financial institutions to register all abandoned and foreclosed properties (Chapter 18 Article IX, Ord No. 408).

The ordinance requires registration with the City Clerks Office. The registration fee ($500 Annual) and the amount of the fee is set by resolution of the City Council.

The banks, lenders, or note holders who foreclosed on the mortgage are required to register annually and conform with the requirements of the ordinance for as long as they remain vacant.

After registration, the city will inspect the property for compliance with the property maintenance code, and to insure that the maintenance requirements of the ordinance are met. (Residential Property Inspection fee $400. Inspection valid for six months)

Inspectors will determine if the property is secured so as not to be accessible to unauthorized persons.

If the property is not properly maintained or secured, the city and or a contractor may maintain and secure the property and assess costs to the bank, lender or note holder who has an interest in the foreclosed property.

The following are violations of the ordinance (unless otherwise stated violations are a civil infraction with a fine of up to $500):

  • Failing to register or renew the registration of a property (18-404).
  • Failing to secure or maintain the property (18-407).
  • Permitting re-occupancy of the property without clearing all outstanding fees, fines, costs, assessments or liens (18-409).
  • Eviction of Personal Property (18-403)
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