Weatherization Program

The Downriver Community Conference's (DCC) Weatherization Program has serviced more than 7,500 homes in our member communities since 1980. DCC is currently under the auspices of the Michigan Department of Human Services, Bureau of Community Action and Economic Opportunity - which has resulted in several favorable funding changes that help DCC assist its customers in saving energy. This intervention from the state makes the weatherization program more efficient than ever.

DCC's Weatherization Program continues to offer the highest level of help to low-income individuals and families to meet their energy conservation needs. In particular, the program provides assistance through energy saving education, sidewall, and attic insulation installation, as well as other energy saving methods.

DCC's inspectors and contractors are well-trained in complete home energy inspections, including health and safety issues, such as testing furnaces for carbon monoxide and gas leaks. Also, an important part of the inspection process has been "blower door" testing, which helps identify which energy saving measures should be employed.

You may be eligible to have your home weatherized!
Downriver Community Conference's Weatherization Program is a free energy program provided by the Department of Energy (DOE), and the State of Michigan, (DHS), servicing 19 Downriver communities. In order to qualify for this program you must meet certain income eligibility requirements.

Contact Information
Please call (734) 362-7053 or 734-362-7027 for more information.

Services we provide include:
Insulation: Attic, Walls, Floors - Smoke Detectors - Dryer Vents - Weather-Stripping Doors - Caulking - Glass Pane Replacement - Testing of Furnaces and other Gas Appliances