Permits, Licenses, Forms

Business & Rental Licenses
The fee for Business Licenses are $120.00 for a 2-year period and $60.00 for 1 year.
The fee for Rental Licenses are $180.00 for a 3-year period. 
Business & Rental Licenses can be submitted via e-mail, drop box, or at City Hall. 
If you should need any additional information please contact our office directly at (734) 782-2455, ext. 6.

If you are opening a new business in Flat Rock, please contact the Economic Development Director before you apply for your business license.

Peddler/Solicitor & Food Truck Licenses
The fee for a permit is $50.00 per month or $200.00 per calendar year (expiring December 31 of the same year it was issued).
Permits may take several days to process after submitting an application and fee and can be delivered via e-mail, drop box, or at City Hall.

Each solicitor/peddler must come in at the time an application is filed to be finger-printed in the Police Department. The finger-printing fee must be paid to the Flat Rock Police Department at the time of finger-printing. Ice cream trucks require an inspection by the Police Department. Food trucks require an inspection by the Police Department & the Fire Department.

Garage Sale Permit
A permit is required to hold a garage sale in Flat Rock. The permit is valid for three (3) consecutive days. You can have two (2) garage sales per year and two (2) additional sales if you participate in the City Wide Garage Sale Days, for a total of four (4) sales per year.
Signs are not to be placed on public property including telephone and utility poles.
Garage Sale Application

Animal Licenses
Animal Licenses - $10.00 until April 30th after April 30th $20.00
Animal Licenses are required of any dog or cat residing in the City of Flat Rock. You will need to show proof of current rabies vaccination from your veterinarian. Licenses are valid for a calendar year (January to December). Checks and vaccinations can be delivered via e-mail, drop box, or at City Hall.

Voter Registration Form
Click on the link below to download a copy of the Voter's Registration Form. Once you complete the form you may e-mail, put in drop-box or bring into City Hall or your local Secretary of State branch.

Adopt A Sign Application
Created by the Flat Rock Beautification Committee to give the community an opportunity to participate in the care and upkeep of the City's Welcome to Flat Rock signs. Please see the below link for additional information and how to apply.