DTE Energy Tree Trimming and Information

DTE tree planting guidelines and recommendation information on tree trimming. 
Below is a notice from DTE regarding tree work in the upcoming weeks happening in the City of Flat Rock.

Dear Customer:
Trees are a beautiful and vital part of Michigan's landscape. They're also the leading cause of power outages and can pose a serious public safety hazard if they grow too near or into power lines. That's why our tree experts will be visiting your area soon to trim, and if necessary, remove trees growing too close to power lines.
Our tree trimming program follows industry standards and uses trimming methods that promote healthy trees and safe, reliable power. All work will be completed by tree professionals who have been trained on safe, proper and environmentally responsible work practices. Get a full view of DTE's tree trimming program at dteenergy.com/treecare.
We are committed to working with you throughout this process, and will be here to address any concerns you might have before tree work begins. Here's what you can expect in the upcoming weeks:
  • You may see DTE representatives in your yard or neighborhood inspecting the power lines and trees to determine where trimming is needed. Representatives will be wearing high-visibility vests and carrying DTE ID badges.
  • If tree work is needed on your property, the representative will knock on your door. If you are not home, we will leave a "Tree Work Scheduled" door card. If you have questions about the work intended for your property, please call the number on the door card.
  • If a tree poses a serious hazard to power lines or if trimming will put the tree's health at risk, we may need to remove it. In this case, representatives will leave behind additional information and make considerable attempts to work directly with the property owner before removing any trees.
We appreciate your support as we work to provide you with the safe, reliable and affordable energy.
DTE's Tree Trimming Team
2022 DTE Tree Trim Map 

All tree's located closest to the road between the sidewalk and the curb are City Tree's. If you feel that your tree needs to be trimmed or removed, please contact the Public Service Department at 734-782-2470 or Secdps@flatrockmi.org.
We will send workers out to determine the severity of the tree and respond back with any plans for the future.
If you live on Gibraltar Road, East or West Huron River Drive, Garden Boulevard or Will Carleton, your tree is on Wayne County jurisdiction. You will want to contact Wayne County at: 1-888-ROAD-CREW (1-888-762-3273).
If your property is on Telegraph Road, your tree is on the State of Michigan's jurisdiction. You will want to contact the State of Michigan at: 517-241-2400 or HERE.