Rental Properties


The definition of a Rental dwelling in accordance to our city ordinance states: Rental dwelling. Any structure, building or other facility promised and/or leased to a residential tenant or tenants for use as a home, residence or sleeping unit and is not owner occupied. This definition includes but without limitation single- and two-family dwellings, multiple dwellings, apartment units, boarding houses, rooming houses, hotels, motels and flats.

Registering Rental Properties

The owner of any rental dwelling or rental unit shall register each rental dwelling and all rental units contained within the rental dwelling with the city and shall designate a person, as defined in section 18-504 as the responsible local agent who shall be legally responsible for operating the registered rental dwelling or rental unit and shall also be responsible for providing access to such premises for making the inspections necessary to ensure compliance with the terms of this article and all applicable codes and ordinances adopted by the City of Flat Rock. A "certificate of compliance" shall not be issued if the registration provisions of this article are not complied with.

Complete the Registration Form and turn into the Building and Safety Office for processing.

Please fill out a Rental License Application for obtaining a rental property. To obtain a business license for a rental property, complete the Business License Application and submit it into the City Clerk's Office.

If there is a Change in Occupancy with the Rental Property, please fill out the form to the Building and Safety Office.

Rental Inspection

A certificate issued by the department of building and safety which certifies compliance with the provisions of the codes and ordinances of the City of Flat Rock for all rental dwellings and rental units. A certificate of compliance shall be valid for five years from the date of issue unless the property is sold or transferred. A new inspection and a new certificate of compliance shall be required prior to sale or transfer of a rental dwelling or a rental unit. Please call 734-782-0445 or email to set up a rental inspection with the Inspection Form completed. Before an inspection is preformed, the rental inspection fee must be paid in full.

Here are tips for a Successful Rental Inspection.



Dept. Contacts

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