Public Services Department: Road Repair



Chip Seal to Begin in Hawthorne Subdivision

Highway Maintenance and Construction will begin chip sealing Hawthorne subdivision Thursday 5/5/2022.

Please call city hall at 734-782-2470 if you have any questions.


Below is where you will report potholes, road hazards, or damage complaints:

734-782-2470 or


When calling to report a pothole in the City of Flat Rock, please know where the location is.

You can also report a road hazard, such as: signage issues, traffic signal outages, large items blocking the road, or any debris in the street. Please also have the closest location known for any road hazards.


In addition to City roads, the City of Flat Rock has roads that are owned both by the State of Michigan as well as Wayne County. Below is the breakdown:


State of Michigan:

Telegraph Road

If you need to report a pothole, road hazard, or a damage claim for Telegraph, please follow this link:,4616,7-151-9615_30883_85656---,00.html



Wayne County:

Gibraltar Road

East Huron River Drive

West Huron River Drive

Garden Boulevard

Will Carleton- N. side of the road to City limits

If you need to report a pothole, road hazard, or a damage claim for County raods, please follow this link: |

For other road information, please follow this link: